Your Guide to Festival One 2017

From festival necessities to planning your campsite we've done our best to pull together some of the most important Festival information in one place. Read on.

Before Festival One

Planning for Festival

After you’ve grabbed your ticket it’s time to get those brain cogs turning. A word of advice from the Festival One alumni, don’t leave everything to the last minute – start thinking about accommodation and transportation as soon as possible. What game are you going to bring to the curated camping competition?

Get your crew together

Whether you plan to roll up to Festival with your church, youth group or the girls from the knitting circle, Festival One is more fun with friends! If you’re a solo rider don’t worry, it’s also a great place to make new friends. Closer to the time you will be able to register for a group site, so make sure you get your numbers sorted to make things easy breezy.

Plan your campsite

At Festival One 2015 a benchmark was set for themed campsites. From alien-themed abodes to medieval castles with working mini golf courses, a crazy high precedent was set. Well with months on your side, it’s time to crack on! We’re looking forward to seeing some out of the box thinking matched with some genius structural planning.

Spread the word

The Festival One community is something that has been built largely with thanks to you, the community that surrounds the event. We planted a seed in August 2014 and it flourished thanks to everyone’s input!

Download the app

Keep your eye out for the Festival One 2017 app. Coming soon.


On the Day

Drive in, drop off

Does the thought of lugging gear all the way from the carpark to your tent make anyone else’s stomach sink? Well lucky for you, at Festival we have the drive in, drop off system. Simply register at the gate when you arrive, drive your car in through the gates to the designated drop off zone, unload your gear and then head out to park up. But, for those who were at Festival One 2016, you know that we’ve moved the parking to pretty much be on-site, so it’s a win-win situation all round!

Dont forget (items)

We interviewed some seasoned professionals about the Festival items you don’t want to forget, this is what they came up with: Sunscreen, chapstick, water bottle, ticket, tent, a raincoat of some sort, muesli bars, a hat, a parasol, something warm to wear for the evening, sunglasses, torch, toiletries and an A+ attitude.

Use the programme on your app

Instead of carrying around a tatty piece of paper during Festival why not make a plan using technology – game changing right? Using the official Festival One app you’ll be able to find out all about the artists playing and put them in to your own personal schedule for the weekend. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming app release!

Check out the lineup

We will be announcing the 2017 lineup later on in 2016. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to find out who will be playing at Festival One 2017.