Festival One is about connection, community, friendship and journeying through life together. The Soul Lounge helps people with disabilities to be able to fully participate in all that the Festival offers.

We’ve tried our best to organise accessible tenting space in close proximity to accessible toilets (less than 50m) and showers (approximately 200m) which are next to the concrete path that connects the rest of the Festival together. There’s easy access to the all stages and The Market!

The Soul Lounge is a dedicated camping area with a marquee that will provide a powered facility for any medical devices, including a space to charge powered wheelchairs with 24hr supervision, as well as a small fridge to store goods for medical purposes. There will be fans, beanbags and couches to offer a cool quiet space to relax and unwind. The Soul Lounge is available to all people with disabilities, as well as family and friends who are also attending the Festival. The dedicated crew can provide help with accessibility information throughout the Festival, and can answer any queries on the day regarding the lounge or the Festival itself.

Also available at the Festival will be enlarged printed site maps (as needed), accessible food stalls, and a raised platform for wheelchairs at Main stage.

Festival One and The Soul Lounge are committed to working with all people with disabilities who want to take part in Festival One and will do their best to make that happen. We’ll have large site maps available for viewing, and a raised platform in The One Arena (our main stage).

If you have any further questions or concerns about attending Festival One, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at info@festival.one or 0800 FEST ONE