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VCTRY, pronounced “victory”, is a dream to see battles of all kinds won in and through worship.
Spelt VCTRY, it reminds us that there is no victory without Jesus! Without vowels, words are incomplete, and somewhat meaningless. Without Jesus, life isn’t as whole or as meaningful as it was designed to be, so therefore VCTRY exists to encourage and join people in their quest for victory in Jesus’ name.
VCTRY is built on a passion to worship no matter where we are, what we have, or how we are feeling.
VCTRY is a testimony to the victory that we have in Jesus, through the people that stand behind the music and worship. Behind VCTRY is a community hungry to see more hearts ‘won’ for Jesus! More freedom! More hope! More love! More peace! More healing! More light! More life!
VCTRY believes that there is victory in the name of Jesus!

Brought to life in mid-2016, VCTRY is new on the scene and light in discography, but are ready. Ready to worship. Ready to love. Ready to conquer. Ready to be victorious.

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