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“…touching, melodic pool of pure placidity…”
Discover Indie/Alternative Music (2016)

“Valere’s pure and youthful vocal tone is the thread that pulls the listener along…evocative and refreshing…”
Elsewhere NZ (2016)

“…when performing, her presence becomes the size of the room she is filling…creates soul-stirring chills…“
NZ Musician Magazine (2015)

“…unique and intense pop sound.”
LOVEPIE (2015)

Ethereal, serene and heartfelt, Valere’s sound brings an eclectic mix of soul and synth that is known to move audiences. Valere is Auckland based songwriter and producer Shana Llorando, whose palate of warm new wave sounds, R&B melodies and intricate rhythms mesh into arrangements that are ‘both kinetic, yet warmly intimate’ (Adam Burns, NZ Musician Magazine). Valere means ‘to be worth’. This is the heart of her music and message: finding one’s worth in the right place, and the journey of the search.

Llorando is originally from the Philippines where, as she puts it, ‘people put their hearts on their sleeves, especially with music’. Moving to Auckland at a young age, she began to explore her love of song. She studied music at the University of Auckland, where she was named Songwriter of the Year in 2015, with a song she wrote on a cathartic trip back to her home country. This became the basis of her sophomore E.P, ‘blue’, a collection of odes based on this very trip. From the slow-burning single ‘Skin and Bone’ which sings of the vulnerability of love, the reckless abandon of ‘Much (F For Friendship)’, to the catharsis of ‘Know Me’ and the title track, ‘blue’ recounts the stages of swimming on your own, to learning how to float on faith and family. ‘I feel like I found my sound and myself with this record,’ says Llorando, ‘because I shut out the world and made it a project for God’s ears and mine. In the process, I went back to what I loved about music and my country; I put my heart on my sleeve’.

This certainly paid off, with ‘blue’ garnering acclaim both locally and internationally. Her trip also gave her a relationship with independent label 22 Tango Records in the Philippines, who released ‘blue’, as well as her debut E.P. ‘Weary Eyes’. With new songs written and a new vision, Valere is set to build on this success step by step. She found home in her last stop; who knows where the journey will take her next.