The Radial Conservatory

The Radial Conservatory

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Imagine a unique concert experience in a room filled with immersive projection & neoclassical music, all being performed LIVE!

The Radial Conservatory is a collective of composers, musicians & visual artists who create immersive worlds of light + sound.
It’s curated and led by Stephen Proctor (projection artist) and Thad Kopec (composer).
Guest contributions at Festival One by Josh Gilligan and various members of Edge Kingsland.

“We are artists & composers who seek not to perform or display our own art but rather assemble into an entirely different space. A space where people can step out of the everyday to engage their imaginations and connect with something deeper, something quieter within them. The slow, sweeping, lush world of sound is brought to life in the spectacular visual world of light & color that surrounds the musicians and reaches out to touch the listeners. These different mediums come together to bring us somewhere we can’t go without our imaginations, and blurs the line between performers & audience in a new kind of contemplative concert experience.”