Thad Kopec

Thad Kopec

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The thoughtful, textured music Thad Kopec makes comes not only from himself, but from a sense of place.

When Kopec sits down to write and record his richly layered albums, he is in a room with two windows. From one, you can see the side of an old brick apartment building being steadily overtaken by vines. Out the other, swaying treetops slightly obscure the speckled lights of a laundromat sign and a stream of traffic below. Around the room are shelves and teetering stacks of books, whose creatures and characters often creep into Kopec’s lyrics. On a bookshelf sits a tiny sailboat, carved from an olive pit by a man in Buenos Aires; on the dresser, a pamphlet from a national park in Wyoming that reads “Be Bear Aware!” There are pictures of space and nature, some paintings made by his mother and an odd assortment of lamps and plants. And fitted into this cluttered museum of his life is a recording studio, complete with guitars, synthesizers, microphones and all other manner of objects with knobs and strings.

Kopec is a musician who believes you have to keep taking in more of the world to make something of it. As a result, his songs are full of mystery and imagination. The spacious, emotive environments draw a contrast of heavy despair and lighthearted hope.

Kopec was born in Ocala, Florida, and grew up on a farm there. He went to school in Jacksonville, Florida, for a year and then completed his undergraduate degree in religion and literature in Nashville, Tennessee, which he still calls home. He works as a composer and musician in addition to recording his albums. Kopec is involved in every step of the creative process—writing, arranging, producing and playing a number of instruments, including guitar, bass, piano, synthesizer, percussion and ambient noise.