Jill Shaw

Jill Shaw

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“I am loved by Jesus. That fact adds colour and substance to everything else.”

A creative pilgrim, connector of people, a traveller and writer who hangs out with refugees and uni students, Jill is interested in everyday conversations, life on life, and building relationships, whether it’s overseeing a refuge house for women needing respite, handing out chocolate as a Massey University Chaplain, or helping someone reassemble a lost faith.

Proud to have Algonquin Indian in her heritage, Jill grew up in the USA, then lived and worked in Zimbabwe for 13 years before coming to New Zealand. Jill likes rugby, music, art, tea, tramping, geocaching… life in general really.

Need someone to talk to? Look out for Jill, she’s friendly, and one of our Sages in Residence. Meaning, that she is dedicated to having deep and enriching conversations with anyone who would like to.