Jacob Parsons

Jacob Parsons

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Jacob’s business began 10 years ago when he bought a coffee cart from the Atkinson family. Named Mt Atkinson, his brand honours their son Andrew Atkinson, who built the coffee cart, but tragically drowned before it became a reality. Based in West Auckland, Mt Atkinson Coffee has grown to include its own flagship cafe, as well as daily roasting and distributing high quality coffee to cafes and businesses around New Zealand.
Using profits from their businesses to support Watoto Child Care ministries in Northern Uganda (a place where water is turned off for 3 months of the year), Jacob and wife Emily have pioneered the roll out of rain-harvesting water tanks to give these villages water all year round.

Jacob’s passion for running businesses with the purpose of transforming people’s lives and making the world a better place led to a conversation over coffee with a Salvation Army Officer. Stories were told and values aligned. The result, the revival of a 120 year old coffee brand with its mission to contribute funds to the work of The Salvation Army, here in New Zealand.

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