Harbourside Worship

Harbourside Worship

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Harbourside Worship is an experienced, dedicated and passionate group of musicians and songwriters who believe in the power of private and corporate worship. Based in Auckland, they see themselves as both part of Harbourside Church and also the wider church body. Last year they released their chart topping EP Kingdom Come, which has received praise from local and international worship leaders and pastors, and is making an impact in churches throughout the country. Their follow up single Spirit Break In Me has just been released on iTunes and Spotify, and is hitting the charts on Life FM.

With over 10 years experience leading worship at Harbourside Church and the national Manifest Presence conference, Harbourside Worship has developed a unique sound and voice for New Zealand worship. Weaving synth and guitar together in exuberant and passionate anthems, their original material features complex yet simple song writing that lends well to stripped back acoustic arrangements as well as the explosive and anthemic nature of the original recordings. Their themes and lyrical content show that grounded and deep theological thought can be embraced in both praise and worship in an engaging and beautiful way.

Placing a strong emphasis on dynamic spirit-led worship, their services are packed with energy, passion, and devotion to both their craft and their King.