26th – 29th January 2018

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  • What is Festival One?

    26th – 29th January 2018.
    Mystery Creek, Hamilton NZ.
    Auckland & Waikato Anniversary Weekend.

    Festival One is a celebration – a celebration of art, music, creativity and community, centred around the Christian faith. It’s about what it is like to be part of a large family, enjoying each other’s company, being inspired by great conversations, and celebrating creativity with outstanding music from artists of many genres. It is about having a rhythm to each day – at times full on, other times chilling with friends and enjoying good food, or even a free BBQ on Saturday for the whole Festival whānau! It’s about seminars on a whole range of topics that invite and encourage discussion, and then more late night conversations! It is about discovering that exquisite band or artist that you have never heard of, but who is communicating and playing with great skill.

    It is a place where people of all ages can feel safe – drug and alcohol free – and running to values that respect the sacredness of human life. It is about meeting the people camping next to you and forming lifelong friendships.

    And most of all, it is about celebrating the Christian faith which is the shared set of beliefs and ideals that brings this whole Festival together – fellow pilgrims on a journey towards the God of the Bible, and His Son, Jesus Christ.

  • Contact Us

    For artist enquiries artists@festival.one

    For media enquiries media@festival.one

    For food & vendor enquiries vendors@festival.one

    For anything else send your detailed email to info@festival.one and we will help you out.